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Wires and Cables

Datafield India is the largest manufacturer of Speciality Wires and Cables in India. Datafield India is the leader in custom cable designs and cable manufacturing. We offer our customers cords, cut and stripped cables, audio cables, wiring harness, moulded cords and other state of the art cables used in telecom, electronic data processing, communication, medical and other industries. We design telephone cords and wires & cables, power cables & power cords to customer specific requirements. Please send your enquiry on your cable requirements and specifications for telephone cords / custom wires & cables

Product Portfolio

Telephone Cords
Detonator cables
Power Cords
Data cables & assembly
Charger cable
Cable assemblies
Wire harness
PVC Compound
Modular Plugs
Poly Urethane Belts
Shaver Cable
PVC Additives
High Temperature wires
Fine Wires, Speciality Wires
Handset cords
Curly cords
Phone handset cords

Telephone Cords - Line and Coil Cords

Datafield India is a pioneer manufacturer of Telephone Cords (the line cords and coil cords) in India, with an installed capacity of 4 million cord sets per month. We are the only manufacturer in India to obtain UL, CSA approvals for Telephone cords. We are also CACT certified to supply cords to the Indian market.
Telephone Line Cords Telephone Coil Cords

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Detonator Cables

Datafield India manufactures and exports Detonator Cables. We are the leading manufacturer of Blasting cables / Leg wire / Explosive Cables in India
Detonator Cable 2 Core Detonator Cable

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Modular Plugs

Datafield has the in-house Modular Plug assembly unit. We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of modular plugs. We can manufacture modular plugs according to the customers' requirements. We have a well trained design team to support custom cords and cables.
The modular plugs are FCC approved and are available with UL 94 V0 and UL 94 V2 requirements
Modular Plugs Gold Plated Plugs
Modular Plugs Gold Plated Plugs

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Power Cords

Beyond Telephone Instrument Cords, our products include Power Cable, DC Charger cables, Customer specific and specialty cables.
power cord plug
Power Cord Plug

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DC Charger Cables and Pin Cords

We manufacture DC charger cables for mobile phones, speakers, etc.,

Mobile Charger Cords DC Pin Cords
Mobile Charger Cords DC Pin Cords

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Telephone Flat Cables

Telephone Flat Cables 4 core Telephone Cable
Telephone Flat Cables 4 core Telephone Cable

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UTP Cables and Cords

4 Core UTP Cord 4 Core UTP Cable
4 Core UTP Cord 4 Core UTP Cable

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PVC Compound

Datafield India manufactures PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) compound for the wire and cable making. Our PVC compound can meet various Flammability requirements, California Proposition 65 and EN-71 and RoHS requirements.

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UL Wires

Datafield India is the specialist in fine wires. We the only certified wire manufacturer in India to produce UL1007 wire, UL1015 wires, UL1569 wires

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CSA FILE NO : A111716
UL FILE NO. : E191492
UL FILE NO : E192406

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